State of Emergency


We know what the result can be of all the current hate and anger and fear festering in the United States. We see it today in Charlottesville where white supremacists are marching in protest. Marching to protest the removal of a statue that to some Americans represent a lack of freedom, something that  represents imprisonment to fellow Americans.

Emancipation Park. Basically meant to be seen as a park of liberation and freedom.

Their city council took a vote to remove the statue after one single high school student who dared to make her voice heard, started a campaign.

And so the backlash of marches and protests began.

One single brave student who meant to do good. Who wanted to make a difference and who is probably in little pieces on a living room floor somewhere in Charlottesville while all of these Americans filled with fear and anger and hatred attack and destroy other fellow Americans.

So that’s the root of these heartbreaking events today but…where’s the deep seeded root of this hatred in America?

I believe I’m pretty good at seeing the good in everyone, of empathizing and seeing both sides of the story. So, back to the presidential campaign of 2016:

The results of that election…I can see how people were looking for a change. I can see how Trump fed Americans with a feeling of empowerment and entitlement as he preached about taking back their country, of building walls and protecting their own. It makes sense that to anyone who felt helpless within their economic, social, family situation would cling to those ideas. Desperate people to desperate things. What I don’t understand is that if you spend all of your time pushing away anyone outside of your family/ your home…how do you end up any other way than alone? And loneliness breeds anger. Loneliness breeds anger and fear and hate and jealousy and any other emotion that could potentially result in conflict and violence.

My head is reeling. I’m sick and devastated. I feel guilt and shame for bringing my two beautiful girls into this fucked up world. And I feel guilty for spending the afternoon shopping for back to school clothes for them while flag poles are used against innocent people’s bodies, water bottles filled with cement are thrown at bystanders and a car is driven through the crowd throwing human bodies into the air.

My hope is that our best weapons are our children. Our children’s education and our nurturing and loving child rearing. My hope is that through all of this violence and hate we can teach our children that the world deserves better, that they and future generations can be better, can do better and make better choices.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone today in Charlottesville Virginia as they struggle to come to terms with everything that has happened today. trump


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