Heartbreak of the Let Down


The Sapling; a twelve minute play I wrote about missed opportunities, lost love, difficult choices…and heartbreak…is being performed this weekend at the first Dark Crop Performance Festival in Belmont.

I didn’t have any expectations when I started writing this piece. It started as a conversation…and now it is so much more and so very different. It just kind of fell into place when I had a deadline and an opportunity to write something for this festival. And I am so very proud of it. I am proud to finally have my words up on their feet for the first time ever…being performed by two actors who I would love to work with again….soon.

And this festival sounds crazy and exciting all at once. The first performance at 6pm after a dinner, and performances continue one after the other until 6:20 the next morning. I’m not sure how long I will be able to last…but I’m going to give it a good go. I don’t get the opportunity all that often to see a show so….gonna try to get them in all in one night….

But I’m anxious.

I’m worried about next week.

This is the third ‘project’ I have completed this year. Three different, but pretty major projects. And this is the last for this year…my focus will redirect back to the day-to-day activities.

So I am worried about the ‘let down’. The exhale after a project. The emptiness of no goal in sight…

Guess it’s time to start writing grants….

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