One Heck of a Fricking Trip

Right. So I’ve lost my speaker…hopefully about to find someone who can fill in cause; damn! It’s a speech worth hearing!!!! I’ve finished the rest of the signs, I’ve written my very short speech, I’ve received my shirts and I’m drinking wine….Holy shit. Holy shit.

I feel slightly desensitized to my actual art since it was hung yesterday and I’ve spent time around it the last two days. That is a good thing. If you don’t know me….I cry at any thing I am even close to achieving. You would think that would make me shy away from these things…funny enough, it does the opposite…I just keep creating new goals, events, stunts….and I continue to cry….analyze me if you’d like but it’s one heck of a fricking trip!!!

So tomorrow I will try to stay busy. I will clean the house and try not to sweat…and then I will get dressed….like I’m getting ready for a funeral or something else as equally dramatic…and I will go to this show and watch people stare at my stuff with a judgemental eye. Why do artists do this again? I remember….because we have something to say…I have something to say and these people who have really chosen me…have stories to tell. Damn I am lucky to be a part of that!!!!!!!!

Come by…hear…see….live….



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