Crazy Ass Artists

Have you ever attempted to hang art for a show? Before this I had not…but believe me…if you ever consider doing it please do a lot of research before hand. I spent so  much time focusing on just the completion of the pieces (silly me) that I wasn’t prepared for this part of the process. It makes me ill to my stomach on a daily basis. I actually haven’t felt this kind of intense, suffocating, pressure ever…that I can recall.

Basic framing for pieces that are not a small, conventional size are approximately $40 a piece. That’s for the cheapest, basic model. I have twelve. Foam board warps. So to hang pieces mounted to foam boards for a longer period of time (my show is hanging for two months) is not a good idea. Wood boards also warp depending on the weather and temperature, and are also about $30-$40 per piece. There is acid free tape and then non-acid free tape. If you don’t want your pieces to yellow over time use everything acid free. There are some art supply stores that will cut the foam board for you so that you don’t have to struggle with an exacto knife and a metal ruler. And then where do you store them?

Sick. I feel sick. Eight months I have spent working on these pieces and now it all comes down to how to hang them. I wish I could take really good pictures of them, keep them safely tucked away in a portfolio and just show off the photos. I wish I could fold them away into a golden box that would preserve them forever as I enjoy the smell and taste of achievement. I wish I could close my eyes and the very kind shoemaker would make beautiful frames for each one and leave them by my bed as I slept.

That’s it. The creating is the important part right? I’ve done that. I have completed a beautiful collection that I wasn’t sure I would ever quite complete…and now I would like to just squeeze my eyes shut…just like I would as a young child when my parents were fighting or the car suddenly had a flat tire…I would like to squeeze them  shut and reopen them when they are hung and the show opening is about to begin.

No wonder so many artists never go so far as to have a show. No wonder we are discouraged to go into such a difficult career/hobby. No one wants to do this part of it. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars to expose their prized creation for others to criticize.

One week until the show with still so much to figure out….give me a year or so and I will be at it again….crazy ass artists…..

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