Time Goes By…

I’m doing my final spraying of all my pictures. Trying so hard to protect them. Tomorrow is my daughter’s last day of school and the beginning of summer that leads to my baby’s first day of school, and our final old school neighbor is moving away….

A lot of endings, and some very exciting beginnings…when my eldest was five we replaced our microwave and she cried. She’s so terrified of change and I think I know where she gets that from.

My show is almost here…and then it will be gone. One month later my very first produced play will be performed, and then it will be gone, only yesterday my eldest started her first day of grade one and tomorrow it will end.

I was trying to explain to my daughter today how things have to change. If there’s no change then there’s monotony, boredom…and you don’t enjoy life the same…when there’s change and growth you learn and evolve and enjoy and be….present. But it sucks. You find things that you like. Things that you enjoy to do and be and you drink that in and are happy until suddenly it’s just no more…and you have to accept and evolve and learn to cope. It doesn’t really sound like an enjoyable process…but it’s what we’ve been handed. It’s reality.

And so my show will be over soon….and my daughter will start grade two soon…and my baby will be in school and I will be home without both of my girls…and this neighborhood will be young and new and no longer carry the stories our older, first generation neighbors carried. This will all happen soon and we will adapt and evolve and we will all be fine.

And everything you tell me I will hold tight to my heart and I will love you no matter what you say because that is me adapting as we both change….IMG_1292

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