Give a Shit Even When

“Who Cares?” showed up today disguised as “You Fucking Suck” like a real asshole who flashed me a “told you so” kind of smirk. His seducing argument was overwhelming and it dragged me across the floor like a swifter mop, or was that my ego doing the dragging? And what happened to my height? That one inch of bone we lose as we age multiplied and fluttered off my shoulders within a one hour period like dust in the wind. Shit. Didn’t realize how far I had to fall until I was given a push.

I was beyond proud of my daughter yesterday for her lack of perfection. For her stillness and persistence and her smile, but looking at myself this afternoon I had none of that. The powerhouse superwoman jumping from success to success had lost her damn footing.

I don’t like the colour of these lenses. They stink and taste like shit.  It was stupid to put them on in the first place. But I did. Because I’m human. But tomorrow they will be out with the trash. Along with “Who Cares?”, “You Fucking Suck”, and anyone else who thinks they can break me down.

DARE TO. I am trying…

Dare To - Postcard-page-001

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