Nature vs Nurture and All That Shit

Are we all just a result of our upbringing?

I didn’t have a terrible childhood. Parents divorced when I was young. There was fighting, and deceit as I’m sure many divorces harvest. I remember a nasty rug in the kitchen of a house with holes in the walls and being afraid to fall asleep  allowing the nightmares to take over, but honestly, I don’t remember being really unhappy at any point. Kids take what they get and make it into something to laugh about.

But there are others…people who I love…who experienced worse. And there are many out there. Who, as a child, experienced real fear, and loss, and despair as a child. Do those people become the result of their unhappy childhoods? If we put people into two piles of ‘happy childhood’ and ‘shitty childhood’ do the people in the latter group grow up reliving the same type of adulthood? I hope not but I could see how it could happen. How do we prevent the cycle from continuing? We all do and become what we know. It just makes sense. But not every prime minister or president was the son (unfortunately for the moment it has only been men up to this point) of another one.

We all make choices.

Now as far as I’m concerned I grew up with a lot of privilege so I’m not really one to talk but…if I was looking at it as an unbiased bystander I would say that it’s all about free will. The free will to make a different choice. To not allow it to just be but to make it what you want. What you really want.

No judgement. I’ve made many mistakes and still am making them…but…we can make better choices for ourselves. Better choices for what we really want in life…what we want out of life…what we want to do, be, have and how we want to be remembered.

Free will. A fucking beautiful thing.

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