Do You DARE to?

I’ve discovered that training for a run and preparing for an art show are very similar.

Training gets the most intense and really the easiest weeks before the event. I end up running almost every day and the 8 or 9 km per day are a piece of cake that I force myself to complete in order to get the training in I need for my body to be ready.

The drawing isn’t getting easier…physically. But mentally, I just step into it. I know it needs to be done and I step in and pick up my pastels and begin. There’s no time for performance anxiety just like when I’m in crunch time for a race.

The difference is the day of the event mostly.

The day of the run I am anxious, I have to eat really well (and have carbed up for a couple days prior)…and then I have to work really hard that day. I have to stay focused, I experience much pain, and sometimes if I’m lucky a moment of euphoric higher power presence. That is my favourite part about the whole process. That and crossing the finish line. Nothing better than running across that line, when the medal is put around my neck, and my feet and legs can give up and I can eat. A lot.

I haven’t had an art show before. I know that I will be anxious…probably much more than a run…I probably won’t be eating much (and there will definitely be no carbing before hand…maybe just more wine as the day comes closer)…and hopefully I will be able to keep my cookies down. Depending on how the event goes I will probably have to stay focused as I talk about my pieces, I may experience pain if it is not well recieved, and maybe if I’m lucky I may have a moment of euphoric higher power presence. That would probably seal the deal for me…I will begin planning my next event right away. And then there’s the end of the event….In runs I look forward to the end to cross that line…I’m assuming with the art show it will be the opposite. I will have that feeling of desperately wanting to hold on to that moment for forever (see my last blog for my full description of that moment)

This event has gone from a simple art showing of images of people who I am very fond of to…a media event. A show that I hope makes a difference. A display of humanity and the beautiful and ugly truth about it. It’s an active display of daring stories written by all walks of life. And I love them all. I am proud and honoured to have one of my subjects travelling all the way from Chicago to speak at the event. She’s coming to speak her passionate truth about the importance of really seeing, hearing and sharing each other’s stories. Of being truly present and truthful with one another and only by doing that will we be strong enough as a whole. And as a whole we can help to empower the oppressed.

If none of that convinces you to attend; there will be wine. And we will all be there too.

Come spend an afternoon with us. Share an experience with us. I dare you.

Dare To - Postcard-page-001


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