The “After Joy Let Down”

If I was an animator…I would create a short film about what a joyful moment feels like. A longed for moment that would burst into a myriad of others all floating in colourful, iridescent bubbles. They would bounce against each other lifting you into the air; like a child tugging her parents toward a cotton candy stand, the heat of the melting sugar pinking your skin with floral prints. Feathers and watermelon would pop through your skin and the scent of baked bread would hold you tight. All of your senses would be embraced and would hum songs your mama used to sing …and there you would exist for as long as you chose to.

FullSizeRender (7)

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

I wonder if we could ever handle that much joy. Could we survive within that state without bursting apart ourselves?

Why does it seem that only scary, painful moments have the privilege of holding our attention longer than we would like? Why do negative experiences get to cover you with such everlasting, suffocating blankets that are too heavy to lift away? When something horrible occurs and you enter that torturous stage of slow motion…your mind creates that doesn’t it? Where does that ability go when you are in a moment of fulfillment?

FullSizeRender (6)

Perhaps we choose to wallow within the pain in order to avoid the “after joy let down”. It has to come at some point. To sit in absolute joy for too long would probably only harvest a complaint. “I’m bored of being happy”, or “I thought I was happy but now I realize that infact…blah…blah..blah”

I’ve been thinking of this lately as I work towards my next big adventure. The afterglow of achievement is so fleeting it seems…and then my addictive personality looks for the next high. That cycle can’t last for forever.

So I’m involving more people, making my drop in the pond bigger hoping that the ripple effect will cover more ground. Effecting others is the goal in life right? Perhaps there will be more satisfaction to be found there.

But sometimes, when the timing is right…and the creativity is burning…you can experience one of those moments without any warning….with the simplest connection and the sweetest words….FullSizeRender (5)



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