TGIT Random Thoughts

Most of us have this inner sound judgement that prevents us from dropping our screaming babies on their heads, or getting into the car and driving away from anything and everything that we do not like within our homes. We all care and feel and empathize enough to know better but…we all think it…at some point. Don’t we?

I remember as a teenager wanting to take dramatic steps to be seen or heard…of course they are teenage thoughts that are desperate and urgent in a teenager’s mind. But they don’t necessarily go away…

What would you do if there wasn’t any repercussions to your actions?

What if we all acted on our instincts? What if we all acted without fears…would that make us happier?

We are brought up on gorgeous stories of happy endings, and fantastical possibilities…I think we choose to go one of two ways. Either those stories create a dreamer who believes in the magic of possibilities and openness and everything our hearts desire…or they create a skeptic. Someone who doesn’t believe in much. Who is organized and analytical and structured. Neither is worse than the other. I guess it depends on who you are and which way you’ve chosen to turn. I just wonder…if we are where we are supposed to be. And how do you  know?

Life is gorgeous. How do you care for and enjoy something that is so amazing…without taking it for granted? And is searching for true happiness taking it for granted or just trying to be truthful?

(some random thoughts for a Thursday night)

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