Do You Believe?

Is there something you want to do?

Anything you’ve always thought about…talked about…started planning and then it fizzled when life got in the way?

I don’t mean to write as though I’m trying to sell you something…I just wonder how many people have ideas that have never gone past their front door. How many people are holding onto ideas that they assume would be seen as crazy so they pack it neatly away in their underwear drawer.

What else are we here to do if not explore and create and play? Finances and family/friend/work pressures aside…what’s the point if we can’t take some risks?

Recently I saw a fantastic short animation film about the pressures of society and how it squashes our creativity and joy. My kids love it and viewed it in the simplest terms of being plain and simple; SAD.

It is sad when we are slowly untaught how to enjoy this crazy existence in order to learn how to cope, exist, survive. It is sad when our curiosity for the world around us as toddlers is forced into a box of what is right and wrong. It is sad when we find ourselves as adults looking back at everything we wanted to do but never did due to work and paying the bills. I’m sorry but; what the hell kind of life is that????

Speaking from some recent experience; if you’ve got an idea that others roll their eyes at…you should probably push through and DO IT! We are all capable of doing soooo much. So much more than we believe we are capable of…due to our self doubt and insecuirities…If you truly believe you can do something…enough so that you’re willing to just jump…a net will catch you. Unconsciously we create that net ourselves through our inner strength, friendships, faith, love…and all that good stuff that makes life worth living. We just don’t trust it enough. And why should we if the people around us doubt it so will we.

I’ve always wondered about those people who have made millions being involved in those pyramid companies. I’m not endorsing them but for those people who go in just really believing in it (no criminal activity of course)…they seem to end up living the dream that they envisioned. Think about it. You can’t go in with glasses of doubt though and just assume it will work because it did for other…you really truly need to believe.

So why not believe in you? Whatever it is you may want to do. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do then deep down you have always believed that you could…otherwise you would have let it go years ago…


Don’t give two shits about the rolling of eyes or what others may say or judge…just do it.

Have faith in the one thing that will always be truly yours….YOU.


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