In eight days I’m attempting to break a world record by running a half marathon while pushing and pulling two double strollers (containing FOUR children). I’m terrified because it’s going to hurt.  It sounds pretty crazy and it may gain me a little local fame for a day or two…but that’s not the reason why I’ve trained for this adventure.

In this insanely fucked up world where little girls grow up with perfect, big boobed barbies and beautiful Disney princesses as  role models, where women are judged on the tone of their voices and the size of their asses and embarrassing personal issues rather than their knowledge and experience, where we as women are trained to fear being alone on the streets or in life in general…where we learn at an early age that we are not complete without families, marriage, careers, and pleasing, subservient attitudes I want to instill in my girls that EVERYTHING IS ATTAINABLE.

I can’t change the world overnight. But I can change my daughters’ outlook, they way they value themselves and hopefully to not judge themselves. And through this insane run my hope is that they will remember how their mommy did not give up. Even when people tried to convince her, or when they rolled their eyes and told her she couldn’t do it or that she was crazy…their mommy stuck to it. That’s why I’m running 21.2km in eight days pushing and pulling almost 200lbs of future women.

So if you happen to be in the area next Sunday please come by and cheer for them. Help me to make this experience something that none of these kids will ever forget.

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  1. Christine says:

    The best of luck, Jenn! Go forth and shine! Dad and I are proud of you!


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