Struggle to Death

And so she knocks again.

Death was on our street today and won the battle with an old friend of mine.

I realize as we get older she knocks or threatens to knock more often. I just can’t help questioning the point. We struggle to fight her off with vitamins and exercise and seeking out joy. We have our children to carry on our legacy but what about those of us who do not have any? Will anyone notice? It’s like the tree that falls when no one is there…

We struggle to be witnessed. To affect others. To not be alone. And then we die. Man, sounds like a lot of trouble for…what? To experience this gift called life? Perhaps life is just the stop over for something much much better. We can certainly hope. We can hope that perhaps we are here to gather the souls of those we love close to us so that when we do cross over we can reconnect? Share further and deeper? Or perhaps this life is our lesson to help us over to a better place where those lessons will be enjoyed and rejoiced.

I can see how the abuse of drugs would be comforting to those of us who are happier behind a sheer blanket of fog. Less to think about, less reality smacking you in the face, less worries and anxiety. (Not that I’m condoning but the temptation is understandable)

I guess all we can do is keep going. Keep moving forward. Keep striving to be a better person, parent, friend, artist, writer, or whatever else you may be or want to be. There’s really no other suitable choice.

But it’s a struggle, isn’t it?

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