My Beyond the Boundaries


Death continues to linger today. He’s taunting me but I refuse to let my reality be destroyed. And so I reflect back to a time when there wasn’t a lot to worry about. Before I loved too much, owned too much, needed to be too much…

Drawing this image of what I hope my beyond the boundaries of life and death will be (great name for a play I think) calmed me. I was able to escape into a pinkness of smiles and rock music and playfulness that I am not always allowed.

So today this is where I live. Amongst the pearly, metallic balloons in my playful fringe of cotton candy pinks.With smirks and bright eyes and dusty rose blush surrounding me like warm hugs and wet kisses.

Don’t interrupt. Don’t dare to call my name. Just let me live in this creaminess a little longer…

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