Scary Shit

img_8528I caught some of Beyonce’s performance tonight on the Grammy’s. Honestly, I only watched a short amount of the entire show. I was lucky to have had a moment to witness her…creation…exploration…

Some might question her state of being. Quite blatantly it seemed that she was comparing herself to the Virgin Mary, or a goddess or saint. It was quite beautiful and from what I have read of the rest of the show…one of the most elaborate and entertaining performances of the night. But narcissistic none the less.

If you took the time to watch her performance with a human empathetic eye though…I wonder if you would be willing to be open to her truth.

I think as an artist we find the most pleasing way, to our own personal taste, to react to our own reality. Obviously Beyonce’s reality is far removed from my worn black leather couch living inside my very modest, cramped home in Kitchener Waterloo. Her reality is filled with people, and bills, and extravagant opportunities I would not be capable of fathoming. But it’s her truth. Her reality. She didn’t always live there. But as our truths and realities change by circumstance, hard work or perhaps a bit of luck our minds learn to cope and accept and move on. (I currently struggle to remember through my senses living life with a dog, or for that matter; what life was like without children)

All I’m saying is that it’s easy to put judgement on someone else’s creative expression when they are creating from a place that is so far removed from our reality. Doesn’t make it false or narcissistic. It’s just expressing an alternative truth that is unavailable to us.

I thought it was beautiful and lovely and expressive.

Perhaps my purpose for shielding Beyonce’s right to expression is rooted in my need for others to do the same for me when the time comes. My creation is a reaction of my reality, my truth. Although it doesn’t mirror…it is a reflection of my questions, my random thoughts  , my turn ons, and my inspirations. And it’s scary as shit to just put that out there.

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