One Million Today, Two Million Tomorrow

We got there over an hour early. There was very little evidence of the event to take place besides a few sound speakers set up and a couple very happy women in pink pussy hats holding a basket full of buttons to give away.

I didn’t know what to expect, having never attended a march before. Since first hearing about the event back in November though, I knew I would be attending it somewhere. Somehow. I refused to not be a part of this extremely…. unbelievably important movement.

We were up near the front. We bounced about in the mucky lack of grass as the people came. And they came and came and came….The park filled up, the sidewalks were crowded and then the streets became blocked. As far as we could see (and one of us with particular height challenges may not have seen very much) there were people there to support. We were all there to support the collective, to support solidarity, to support within a place of empathy, compassion and love.

It was overwhelming and empowering and uplifting. My body, soul, and mind was so overflowing with this emence sense of just….LOVE and LIGHT and LIFE. Tears flowed as the crowd chanted as one. Tears flowed as the speakers spoke of the power of this body of people we were all part of. Tears flowed during our minute of silence as we all imagined what a world of equality would look like.

Someone recently questioned me on the purpose of the March. They doubted it would change anything or make any difference in the end. “Why bother?”

I will tell you why to bother….every person in attendance today within the 25 Canadian cities who held marches, and within the 285 marches held world wide…each individual who participated in any way created change. Each one of us felt empowered today. Each one of us made a decision to stand and speak as a collective. Each one of us left the March with a smile,  a feeling of hope and inspiration and hopefully an idea. And those smiles, and hopes, and inspirational ideas will spread. They will spread to our families and friends who did not attend, to our communities, to our places of work and everywhere else we go. We will carry that with us and share with others and….and that is the change that occurred today.

Today it is one million, tomorrow it will be shared with another million.

This is the world I choose to live in. This is the world I am hopeful to have my babies grow up in.

I am so proud of people today. So proud.



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