Holy Shit Balls!!

Running a marathon is like moving through your life…there is dog shit on the road, slippery ice, puddles, and other obstacles. You have moments of frustration, exhaustion and disbelief. Moments on impossible hills when you want to just stop. And End it.

But there are other moments. Moments of strength, and accomplishment….downhills that are exhilarating and freeing…super encouraging volunteers who pat your back and lift you up when your legs feel like lead. And those moments seem to make the bad ones just kind of disappear.

We’ve all got things in our lives that can be described the same way. We commit to it (life, jobs, relationships, kids…) and we struggle through the obstacles and watch as the downhills and encouraging people slip away…

Im just thinking that maybe if we all tried to revel a little more in those good things, let them replace the struggles, really breathed them in and let them lift us up then maybe all those obstacles would be worth the struggle. And maybe that urge to end it wouldn’t ever get a chance to make an appearance again.


We played this dumbass game of life last night. No wonder our generation has a skewed perception on what life should be like. No wonder so many our age are struggling with their dissatisfied realities. This fucking game filled with subliminal messages….girls are pink and boys are blue…only two choices of either college or career….12 options for careers…and so on. The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

Trash those mother flipping games and let’s teach our children about love and acceptance and lifting one another up. We can make change.

Rant done.


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