Time to take it down

One more day to cuddle up to the light of the Christmas tree. It’s a beautiful, comforting symbol of everything that is peaceful and family oriented…like the childhood we all cling to the older we find ourselves growing…

I’ve turned it on each morning since it’s been put up like it somehow effects the mood of each day. It creates a feeling of wonderment and magic even when the sun is bright and you can’t even tell it’s on…and I plug it in anyway because I will take all the magic I can get.

I have a friend living with cancer who always has a Christmas tree up. There’s something about Christmas….about the Christmas tree that fills your spirit with joy and hope…you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a book underneath it’s beautiful lights…and bask in the glow of its love and safety.

One more day to eat anything we want, to avoid exercise and everything we know we need to do and accomplish in order to feel good about ourselves.

One more day to blame the wrath of the current year before we change our calendars and move forward…a year of so many losses and disappointments, but also a year of much growth and risk taking and of coming together.

Although 2016 was probably one of my saddest years because of all the unspeakable tragedies world wide, the political surrealism, and of course the loss of my first baby…it was also a tremendous year of personal growth. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to create more and affect others. Without going down a list of my accomplishments I truly feel that I have followed through and fulfilled that promise. I have taken some big risks, I have honed my skills and leaped face first into some pretty big adventures. Overall 2016 was pretty good to me but I think that’s because I started working….really working on….me.

So as I sit here under our three foot high glowing Christmas tree for the last time this year I am grateful and excited. I am grateful for all the has passed and I am excited for everything yet to come.







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