Greed Can be All Good


There’s an older woman in my neighborhood who has grown a flower in her livingroom for…I don’t know how many years. I have heard stories of her delivering the flowers many years ago…

Anyway, she read the article about me in the Waterloo Chronicle a month ago. She was interested in the felt angels since she collects them. And she contacted the writer. The writer sent her info to me and then I called her. An hour after we spoke she showed up at my door with an unusual flower in a plastic container. It was lovely and strange and…just weird….

I learned it was her ‘thing’. She delivers these flowers that are actually called the passion flower to people she connects with. The passion flower that originated in South America, was named after the passion of Christ. Each part of the flower some how was affiliated with a part of the passion.And with the beautiful flower she delivers a write up of the story/passion of Christ and how it is reflected through the various parts of the flower. It is beautiful and unusual and it seems to be her way of spreading the word. I thought it was lovely.

So tonight I drew a picture of her flower that she presented me with. Whether I did it justice or not…I’m not sure but….I’m going to wrap it and bring it to her tomorrow.

This is one of those feel good moments for me that makes me wonder who I’m doing it for. Am I doing it for this lady? For myself? Because these days giving to others really helps me to feel more positive about myself and the things that I’m missing in my current situation (ie my Lola). For my children? I am so very desperate to teach my children more about giving and sharing as opposed to the asking and demanding and begging they do most of the time. Even if it is for myself…but I’m giving to someone else…isn’t that still a good thing? Perhaps I am extremely selfish. I may be. But if I continue to direct that to others who may need a little extra….it is still good isn’t it????

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