Day Three

This is the first time I have been a witness to blatant internalized emotion.

My babies are still fighting, playing, laughing, cuddling…basically still driving me as crazy as their adorable, gorgeous little selves have always done. But my youngest has wet the bed three nights in a row. This morning she insisted that I draw her a picture of a big group hug of the whole family including our fish and our extremely missed little puppy. My eldest has not been able to sleep without me in three nights. She woke up crying this morning.

My heart breaks for them.

I wish, as I’m sure any other parent would….I wish I could carry their pain for them. I wish I could hold and deal with the pain for all of us…I definitely do not internalize…I’m out there for all to see…good or bad.

But to they don’t even know whats happening to them. That breaks my heart over and over again.

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