Self Sacrifice

I’ve been quiet for a bit. Started a new writing project and have been experiencing such satisfaction through my drawing…I’ve formed an idea. One that I am very excited about…and cancelled a trip I was also very excited about…

I assume all other artists of any medium struggle to find a balance between creating/inspiration and family life. I know I’m no one special or different. That my story has been told a hundred times before and that it will continue to be told way beyond me. I suppose that is why there are many who either choose or end up alone. With the amount of energy and ideas and bursting emotion that ruptures within an artistic soul, if you are not surrounded by like minded people the struggle feels insurmountable. They look at you like you are unreasonable, like you’ve lost your mind or are growing extra limbs. Sometimes it’s easier to hide it, pack it up neatly and stuff it into the back of your underwear drawer. It’s easier but you don’t feel….complete. I don’t have another person who “completes me”. I have many people I love who add different things to my life. Some I know I couldn’t survive without. But it’s creating…using my heart and my mind and everything else that resides within this body and soul of mine to create. That completes me. And it makes me sad when the people around me don’t understand or accept that.

I assume other artists feel the same. I’m nothing special or different. I know they are out there…I guess I just don’t have many of them close by to look at me the way I want to be really seen.

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