It’s All Just an Excuse

I am an escape artist.

I create, manipulate, dream, push limitations and each time it is my escape from reality. I can create what I want to see, escaping what is Infront of me. I write adventures I can no longer experience escaping the reality of motherhood. I play and explore and laugh with toddlers all day escaping the hardships of the adult world. And I drink when none of my other escapes are enough.

I need all of these to feed my restless soul – to forge forward with love and patience and compassion because each escape eventually leads me back home…

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One Response to It’s All Just an Excuse

  1. JustAnotherNakedThought says:

    If you were to change motherhood to fatherhood, this would be so fitting for the character of Travers Goff, the father of P.L Travers (whom he called Ginty), as played in “Saving Mr Banks”. With that thought, maybe I can take from that a little insight into you.


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