Love and Hope on Facebook

As much as many of us don’t want to admit it; facebook is a very powerful tool.

At 6:15 this morning I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I had gone to bed last night around 11:00 when the polls still felt somewhat even…there was hope and nail biting present as the numbers were balancing out. It was the best time to walk away and still get the seven hours of sleep I needed to function…

But when I grabbed my phone this morning to read the highlights my hope self destructed before I was able to sit my bum down on the toilet. Shit.

Well, we’ve all read all the crap, have our opinions and emotions about the outcome…I don’t have the energy or gumption at this moment to write about it. What I want to mention is facebook and how it has given all of us a platform to vomit out our reactions with acknowledgement that at least someone has read it.

After reading the devastating news I opened Facebook and began to numbly peruse the posts. It was dark and sad and….they reminded me of screams of help coming from the darkness. But because they were being witnessed by others with similar emotions…it felt ok. Like we were all going through it together and no one was being left out. It definitely made me sad. I had to explain to my six year old why her mommy was blubbering so early in the morning…and that no one had died.

Since her concession speech has been delivered those shouts from the darkness have altered. Even in her defeat she has encouraged people to lift one another up…and it is evident on Facebook. Those shouts have become encouraging voices of hope. They have begun to remind each other of the strength in love and numbers and the human spirit and that in itself is beautiful. Beautiful.

So if nothing else through these times of what feels like shattering defeat…we can not only just communicate with each other from around the world but encourage, support and love people we’ve never met. The world has become so small with unbelieveably powerful technology that can be sufficating at times but can also make the individual feel understood and welcomed and loved even in the darkest moments.


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One Response to Love and Hope on Facebook

  1. JustAnotherNakedThought says:

    I think the world as a whole stood by with you waiting for, and fearing, those results. I know I stayed up all night watching it. It’s hard to say what the month since has said about the outcome, or the future, but hopefully people will at least come together and realize they are not alone in this.


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