My Art is For Sale…Today

I went for a run today. Had some time to kill. And so I ran the streets of Cambridge Ontario. And I learned a few things.

I learned that it’s not a very pretty city. Although there are a few beautiful gems amongst the garbage.

There were unfriendly, perhaps not so pleasant faces greeting me on the streets this morning, cursing and smoking their cigarettes outside of coffee shops. And I learned that I am no longer very comfortable with that.

I used to be a lot stronger. Those faces used to help to colour my favourite city decades ago. I used to be more…brave on the streets.

But then as I continued my run and a car almost hit me backing out of a driveway and I yelled at the lady in the driver seat I realized that that person is still deep inside me. Needs a little warming up…but she’s there in hiding since I’ve had my babies…and she’s ready when and if I should need her again…

I did meet a familiar face on those streets, and I was welcomed by an artistic spirit.

And I found a beautiful little art shop called Gallery M on Main Street. Filled with colours and artistic images of peoples dreams this shop accepted my angels as easily as the door swung open when my hand pushed on it.

I am excited to have my creations be present in this store and I hope you will drop by and pick one up if you get the chance….


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