Slipping Away…

I am a time traveler.

I can make days fly by with a blink of an eye.

I anticipate a day, a time, a week, month or year and it comes hurtling at me at full force. And then it is gone. I can’t go back in time only fast forward ahead. As I speed around the bend of the recreational track I see my life speed forward infront of my eyes. I enjoy my moments, and adventures but they all fly by so quickly. My control is limited. I try so hard to reach out and grasp the moment. Hold it down. Make it stop. But it still speeds by quicker than I can drink it in. I get only a taste. One single lovely taste and it is gone.

I try to go back. I try to remember…but it is impossible to see. Impossible to feel.

But I have learned to write. I can reach my past through my words. Through my minds eye as I stretch and exercise its muscles.

And I begin to feel more whole. I have a past and a future. Both are lovely. Both are mine.


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