He Passed Yesterday…

One day I am living and breathing and thinking about a time many years ago…and then I am just not.


Is that relief I feel? Only I can no longer feel. Is that flowers I smell? Only I can no longer smell. Is that the tears of a family I hear? Only I can no longer hear.

And yet I can.

I can feel and smell and hear through a hollow, weightless blanket that is soft and lovely. I am being coddled in an infinite embrace of all my life’s hopes and desires. A slow numbing serenity seeps into what feels like my skin as I take a habitual breath of once required air. Only it tastes like forever.

I find myself, my…me in an eternal, inexhaustible state of just awareness.

I am.

No pause to question or consider the options. No judgement, no disillusionment or struggle for authenticity.

I am.

In my purest state with no physical limitations.

I am.

In a silence that rings with uplifting yet calming contentment.

And there is no end and no begining. Everything that created my person block by block is gradually disconnecting piece by piece. Soon I will sleep. Or will I dream? My understanding is dissolving into the vaccumed space that is entering me.

I stretch outwards as my cerebral mortality snaps into a million particals of the Almighty creator.

And I am exactly where I had always…known.


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