Drinking to create?


Lets be honest. Do you drink when you write???? Do you drink when you create????

I always thought negatively about authors who drank when they wrote. What is it about drinking and creating? Does it allow you to relax more? It’s hard to believe that. I’m by myself. No judgements no limitations being put on me….but yet my recent ritual has definitely included wine…or cider. It allows me to find my tunnel vision I think. My artistic tunnel vision that pushes out all possible outside thoughts, distractions…fears….

I think I can do the same with music. I put on the right song and I get so lost in the words and the music…especially when I am drawing….I love listening to music when I am drawing…writing I find harder because I don’t want someone else’s words in my head…I need to find my own.

So I’m drinking tonight. Not a lot but enough and I’ve started a new play. It wasn’t my plan. Really, I wanted to avoid starting something new with all the stuff coming up for me, all the deadlines I have…but I’ve got a story that is fighting to get out right now….its been surfacing the last couple of days…struggling a bit….

So there it is I guess. I can’t hold it against anyone who wants to drink when they are creating….although you may want to avoid drinking too much…creation may be difficult if you can’t see….just saying.

“Just Saying” Lol. Do you remember the show Mad About You? My favourite show of all time. I still have two quotes…I can’t help still saying…”just saying” and “not so much”.  Back when I think shows had edge but still the sweetness and romantic feel that was suitable for family viewing. And in some ways offered home for the happily ever after story ending. Not quite the ‘reality tv’ phenomenon of the House Wives of every great city possible. Oh to write for a show like that….

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One Response to Drinking to create?

  1. JustAnotherNakedThought says:

    I think having a drink, or listening to music, while writing or doing anything creatively (even sex), helps quieten the background noise of our minds, allowing us a more single minded focus. Our minds have a habit of running around in a thousand directions at once, and sometimes a little help in slowing that down into one direction can be a good thing (in moderation).


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