Never Forget…


I’ve been thinking about NYC a lot lately. In some ways I believe that I left half of myself back there…not so much in just the city but in that time and place back then…before…

Being that I have made this an art blog…I struggled to figure out how to address this anniversary within my choice of platform. So I looked up art images from 9/11. I was not prepared for…the beauty…the torment…I had very strong emotional reactions to the images I saw. I don’t want to take other people’s work so I won’t post them here…but try looking it up.

I wish I had been walking a different path back then…perhaps I could have contributed to…that sounds wrong…I believe that traumatic events bring about beauty and I wish I could have been part of that beauty…

Back then I was living in Toronto. I had an abusive boyfriend that I was ‘dealing with’ in order to experience my life as it would’ve been had it been a movie…don’t ask. I worked in a very posh italian restaurant in Yorkville. $20 appetizers etc. I remember that they had some loud voices playing on the radio that morning instead of the standard instrumental music. At first it was annoying but it suddenly clicked in that something was happening somewhere. I had to continue to serve these rich little people as I stole quick moments to listen and try to piece it all together. When I finally understood what was happening…I walked out.

I spent the afternoon drinking martinis and calling my friends in NYC. I’m a very dramatic person who is willing to use any excuse to entertain my dramatics…or I guess I was more so back then. I think I spoke to most of my friends. It’s funny, I’ve learned over the last year that I do not have a very good memory…some of the events that helped to form who I am today are only blurry images now…hopefully not a foreshadowing of things to come.

Anyway, I think of everyone today who was affected by that day fifteen years ago. My heart hurts for you…I’ve been distracted and bitchy all day and now that I’m thinking of it…that’s probably why.

Love to my very favourite city…

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