Take the Leap


I am comfortable here on my leather chair, in my comfy living room. There are days when I feel more comfortable in my bed, under my soft, cream coloured sheets. I love my friends, I am comfortable speaking to people who know me and understand me…We all migrate to what we know, and things that keep us living within our comfortable boundaries.

Do you ever wonder though, what you may have been capable of doing…what things you may have missed…people you could have met…relationships that could have been beautiful…if your need for comfort just…didn’t exist?

Sometimes, (it’s funny, when I’m trying to explain something to my six year old I normally start with: “sometimes”…) we see someone we love fight against anything outside of their comfort zone. As an outsider, we can see how great it would be for them…we can encourage them, nag them, threaten them…but it’s up to them to make the choice. To leap out of their safety zone and trust in the universe, God, whatever it is that they feel comfortable having faith in…and just do it.

It’s definitely much easier to give the advice then to take it. How many times do you find yourself refusing to take the leap? Even with my writing or drawing…I fear. I am afraid of…trying something new…of writing about things that are too personal…saying things I know I can never take back…taking risks…that may pay off or not…but…”sometimes”….you need to just….leap.

I find myself with comfortable routines…it’s like I took a step up approximately six months ago…I took a leap of faith and now I’ve been running with that for…sometime now…and it’s possibly time for the next step up…Maybe not right this moment…but…soon. And it’s scary. It’s terrifying really. And because of that fear that is so easily accessible when I consider the next move…I sit back and continue to enjoy my comfy chair and my familiar laptop that shuts down every 30 minutes, and my dear friends who support me and…give me what I want to feel ok with me.

Well, I’m not making that leap today. Sorry if that’s what you were waiting for in this blog entry…I’m still working up to it…still not sure what it is but have faith in my guides ( I just recently had a tarot card reading in which I found out I have many…) and God and the energy I create around me….I have faith. Faith.

But tomorrow, and each day after I will practice…I will push myself to exercise (my muscles?) stepping over those boundaries that make me feel so comfortable and safe. What’s the point if I don’t feel a little scared right?


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