My Orgasm


Yes, I am talking about the human orgasm. (wait, do animals orgasm? Is that possible? It’s gotta be, otherwise what’s the point? Right, another story for another time…) Do you notice how when you orgasm you release all frustrations, all negative energy… everything…you release everything. Just like the cigarette that so many have after they orgasm, we breathe in new clean air of opportunity and just…gratitude.

So if we have a physical orgasm that allows us to release whatever anxiety we have sitting on our shoulders…then…what metaphysical orgasms do we have in our lives that perhaps we don’t acknowledge as what they truly are? When we orgasm we forget everything. Everything that is both positive and negative. How can we possibly get anything done after we orgasm???? That’s why most times many of us nap. We are in a state of ecstasy. Right?

What do you do that you forget everything else?

Writing is satisfying for me. But I don’t quite think it’s an equivalent to an orgasm. Drawing and singing…I forget who my children are when I’m doing those two activities…

What is your orgasm? What makes you forget about everything?

Alcohol maybe? Yeah, I would say that sometimes my metaphysical orgasm would involve lots of wine or cider or…geez…in the day a little weed although that has been twenty years or more…drugs would definitely help to forget whatever is weighing on your shoulders…although they are much more damaging…at least physically. Perhaps that’s why I’m exploring this idea…to figure out what you can orgasm from that is legal and not damaging…

Do you ever explore ideas on the net that you don’t want anyone to know about? I think we probably all do this at some point. We all need to explore the ideas that help to make us tick. Right?

I wish that writing was my orgasm. The idea of writing is my metaphysical orgasm for sure but…it’s so much work. Which is similar to a real, physical orgasm…for a woman at least…hmmmm…ok..

Right so maybe my metaphysical orgasm is succeeding in writing…oh yeah that would be so good….I can just feel how good that would be…..oh wait…just a little to the left…oh don’t stop….please don’t stop…..


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