A reminder or a Grant Application?

I am a mother of two beautiful young girls, I am the owner of a small home daycare, and I am a playwright. Six months ago I finally, kicking and screaming the whole way, realized that I needed something more for just me. Before that I had thrown myself so far into motherhood. I had removed anything and everything that would harm or in any way take away from what I hoped would be a perfect childhood for my children. Starting with giving birth to both children drug free at home on the leather couch. For the last six years I have been a volunteer for the city as a breastfeeding buddy to assist other moms in the struggles of giving their newborns the absolute best start to life. I also removed myself from my growing career with a law firm to join the school board as a library clerk in order to be closer to and understand more about the education system my children would eventually be entering.

I finished writing my first play in January. Since then I have won a 24 hour play writing contest, and finished my first full length along with over half a dozen short plays. I want my girls to be proud of their mommy and if nothing else, I want them to learn that they can accomplish anything. I realize that my writing endeavors take my mind away from my babies but I try hard to limit that interruption and most writing takes place after they are fast asleep. I am proud of all the plays I have written so far and as a former actor I hope to create a voice and more stage opportunities for women who have finally discovered the strength and knowledge that is inside of all women but far too often pushed aside.

I have discovered a freedom and joy in writing plays. I have had the opportunity to explore ideas, places, and relationships in the safety of my own living room that I would otherwise miss out on as a married mother of two. I believe in positive energy and taking risks but have volunteered to sit in the backseat for the last six and a half years for the sake of my amazing children. It is now time to step forward for my sake as well as theirs. I am a strong mother of two with something to share with the world, and I won’t let anyone stop me from doing just that.

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