Judgement Free

I wonder sometimes about people who seem extremely ‘out there’. People that when you walk past them on the sidewalk you may provide a bigger birth for. People who you avoid sitting near at the mall or on the bus…There is a man in Waterloo who stands up on one of the benches in the city square shirtless and flexes his muscles for what seems like an hour or more. I shush my children when they loudly ask me questions about what he is doing.

I wonder if perhaps…since we’ve always been told that “happiness comes from within”…that those people may have discovered the secret. Perhaps these people who we find ‘off balanced’, intimidating, and even possibly dangerous have just found pure happiness within themselves and no longer need the acceptance of our society.

That sounds extremely freeing doesn’t it?

Twenty years ago (or more..) I was in a short Sci-Fi film. The basis involved a futuristic device fixed to people’s arms that allowed them to experience other people’s lives through life discs. These discs were embedded in their brains at an early age and recorded all sensory memories. If that makes sense…I wonder…that little voice inside all of us. The one that causes us to self doubt. If we could somehow control that electronically? Maybe? Could we find happiness and confidence? Would the world be filled with very successful people making our planet a more enriched place for us all to live together in harmony?

I realize some would suggest that that voice is God’s and that he is always giving us encouragement and directing us in the right direction and that maybe we just don’t bother to listen. I would agree with that. But even men and women of God sometimes need encouragement, or lose their way…

Wouldn’t it be interesting to just try? If we were able to give children from a very young age constant encouragement and praise and love…that came from within…how beautiful would children develop.

I was reading posts in a Facebook writing group I am a member of the other day…and people seem to always question their work. They are worried that people don’t like their writing. They don’t know what to change or how to start writing something ‘good’. If they all had that voice encouraging and praising them no matter what…they would all be brilliant writers. They wouldn’t fear. They would be confident and just keep writing. How many voices have we not heard because of those fears?

Someone who is completely and truly confident in what they do…even if others are skeptical…and believe me, I have often found myself being a skeptic…But if you truly believe in what you are doing…well, then nothing is going to stop you. I always wonder about those pyramid businesses and how the people at the top got there. It’s obvious that they got in before there was a lot of judgement or skepticism. Because if you jump in with two feet and blinders on and trust and believe…I can’t see how you wouldn’t be successful.

Of course it’s a struggle in our crazy world of disappointments and judgements and tragedies…but doesn’t it sound like a wonderful world to live in? Just saying…


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