Thank God I CanWrite My Next Adventure

It seems to me that I need to spend more time with a blog entry before I hit the publish button. Once again I feel like my last entry requires a…maybe not revision…perhaps more of an addition…….

Thank God for this new found writing talent. Thank God for this outlet that I have discovered that allows me to feel less confined within my daily life. As a mom of two little ones, a home daycare owner, and the manager of all household duties, cleaning etc…the escape that writing offers me allows me to not only feel younger and more complete but also satisfies my constant hunger for adventure.

Pre-kids I always found ways to live out my own personal dares, to accomplish crazy shit that made me feel alive and some how worthy of the space I used up. Since kids my main reason for existence is them; my kids. For almost six years now I have basically successfully only filled one role, and that was of “supermom”. Since I decided in the last six months that I’m slowly running out of time I have felt a need for more. I’m finally understanding the need to grow outside my confined walls.

My writing has allowed me more adventures and opportunities than I thought possible for me in my current situation. It has allowed me to visit cities that I miss and others I have never seen. It has allowed me to be with and talk to people I miss dearly, including my younger self.

It is a pretty amazing, powerful tool that I am extremely grateful to have even just the faintest aptitude for.

What would writers do if they couldn’t write? Hell if I know. Thank God I don’t need to find out.

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