To all my internet friends

Many of my relationships are based mainly in texts and emails. I know, it’s sad. Having two young children and a home daycare doesn’t give many opportunity to going out and enjoying adult relationships. I don’t mind actually, I’ve always found young ones easier, simpler and much more fun. But those relationships I have are important ones to me. They are with some of my most favourite people to be quite honest. And I’ve been thinking about that when I write lately…

Flat words on a screen with a couple of ‘!’,’?’ and ‘…’ to punctuate our conversations seems kind of perfect to me. It’s not muddied with body language, facial mannerisms, vocal idiosyncrasies. I can interpret it the way I think it is meant. I can keep each of these friends in the light that I see them in my mind’s eye. Perfect relationships if you ask me. It’s only when one gives me a piece of information that does not coincide with my image of them, that I’m thrown for a loop. My image plummets as I try to digest or try to decipher it into something acceptable.

This easily transfers into my writing. My characters, specifically in my plays, are exactly as I see them with perfect flaws and all. I accept and celebrate their flaws much more readily though. That’s part of the beauty of writing. It’s harder to accept massive flaws in my favourite people who I look to for comfort, love, reality checks, etc.

My point? I think I am grateful to all of my texting friends. All those who teach me, encourage me, etc through their words. They make me a better writer. It is through these flat words that I am able to connect to other parts of the world, to people I would otherwise not be able to communicate with often and it fills my heart with words and thoughts and other peoples realities that I can then borrow for my art. I am a better artist because of them. Because of you.

Much love on this beautiful Sunday.


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