Full frontal nakedness?

So here’s a question…when it comes to art how far is too far?

When is it too personal? What is too much to reveal when you are creating?

I don’t have an answer to that question. Infact, I began writing this post with the hopes that by the end I would have found my answer…

I have relationships and a family and although I want to exercise my creating muscles as much as I can, I also want to not jeopardize those who are close to me. Currently all my portraits are of me…no other models currently available. And tonight I was working on a nude. Do I post it? I’m not sure if it’s fully appropriate. I don’t care otherwise I wouldn’t draw it but…

In high school I painted a life sized nude self portrait. Yes, even back then…I know my teacher was yet again embarrassed. My mom was possibly uncomfortable…my brother wanted to vomit when it came home to my bedroom…and of course my entire family avoided my room when guests were present. It was probably more for shock value back then but obviously something has stuck with me to want to revisit this subject again over twenty years later. There’s no shame in this subject matter….it’s beautiful. There are many famous nudes throughout the centuries. If I didn’t have a family I wouldn’t even question the idea but now I have other people to be responsible for. That’s how the world changes when you suddenly create another life. As much as I don’t like to admit it, when I’m responsible for other little lives…it’s just not all about me anymore. And as much as I want them to be strong independent little women I also want to expose them to things at what I believe to be an appropriate time in their lives…

(Ok, that’s bullshit. Just trying to make sure that I’m being considerate….)

How about this…It seems as you look through history at the most influential artists such as Picasso, Rodin, Warhol, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga …they all give so much of themselves through their art but by doing so create so much conflict, judgement,… insanity.

Not that I am in any way comparing myself to even one sixteenth of any of them…but I just wonder if it’s possible to be an artist, give yourself through your art and still end up living happily ever after…or at least without injury, jail time, or a straight jacket. Can I create fully and my mom still be proud?

…nope. Still no answer.

The portrait is pretty. I like it. Perhaps when it is done I will keep it to be revealed at my art show next summer.

rodinDrawing by Auguste Rodin

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One Response to Full frontal nakedness?

  1. JustAnotherNakedThought says:

    An interesting dilemma. It’s certainly hard to know where that line is between giving all you want to your creativity and doing so in a way that feels respectful to the people important to you. Do we just do what we want and say “fuck it”, or do we withhold a piece of ourselves for the good of another? Either way it feels like someone gets the raw end of the deal, so I don’t think there will ever be an easy solution.


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