Buck up Chuck!

In grade 12 art class I created an oil painting of a hairless green woman with 3D boobs. It was large and obnoxious and had a large styrofoam ball that I cut in half to create her knockers. My art teacher was embarrassed. Probably the reason why I made it. I am a Leo after all and everyone had something to say about it in class….

I’ve been on a good roll lately. I get excited for weekend evenings when I have time to myself to either open up my laptop or to get out a blank canvas. I get excited to see or read the result. I’m in the honeymoon phase of my newly found hobbies. And it’s pretty fantastic.

But I sprayed fixer on all my canvases today and noticed a change in my style. The last two pieces I’ve created were…meek for a lack of a better word. The colours were muted, the lines were careful, and both pictures felt…off. Joyless. So I attacked them tonight. I will not allow myself to quiet my voice. I will not stand by and watch my colours and images fade into the background…I refuse.


This one I disliked so much before that I didn’t even put it up here…Now it’s beautiful…strong lines, bold colours…strength, radiance, beautiful…in my eyes anyway.

So even on a roll…I’ve got to continue to check myself…be brave and remember what my goals are.


  • show my art in a gallery
  • get my writing published
  • see one of my plays performed
  • publish a book of plays and short stories
  • teach my girls that they can do anything


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One Response to Buck up Chuck!

  1. Lori Straus says:

    What makes a drawing unique is when you add your own voice to it.


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