24 hour script writing like a marathon

So Friday evening at 5pm the email came. Cave. Baker’s dozen. July. The three elements required to be used in the 24 hour play I was about to write. I felt the same excitement and anxiety as I did before the marathon. Here we go again. And why the heck do I do this to myself???? But I still had to continue with my usual Friday night routine; dinner, groceries, bath, bed…It’s wasn’t until 9pm that I got to sit down and start working on this puzzle. I considered using a script I had been working on for a couple of weeks…just had to figure out how to weave the elements in and then write an ending…I could’ve been asleep by eleven….

It was so similar to the moment I had last weekend during the marathon when the half marathon runners and the full marathon runners split and ran in different directions. I had a moment of temptation. I knew I could cut two hours of pain if I just continued to go straight instead of turning to the right…but I turned. Why go through something if I’m going to take the easy route? What the hell is the point of that? And further more…what can I possibly learn from taking a short cut? Nothing.

So I started with a basic sketch of my story….and then I felt myself open up to the creative energy around me…With the help of a very dear friend…some brainstorming…some dumb, too obvious ideas… I had a first draft. Was up much later than my body is used to, got up less than five hours later to take my girls for a fourteen kilometer run and then began again.

I don’t have a lot of confidence in my writing although I do love doing it…I’m not sure what I’m doing, have no training for it what so ever, but when things just kind of fall into place…when I completely open myself up for whatever is coming to my mind…open to the possibilities and the energy around me…It’s just like those Godly moments I felt during the marathon. That’s why I like a challenge. That’s why I continue to put myself into these uncomfortable, seemingly crazy situations.

I learned this weekend that I am a good writer.

I still have a lot to learn. I still have a lot to write. But…I am good at it. To what extent I don’t know. But I wrote, what I think, and someone who I trust dearly thinks, something that is pretty fantastic. Right down to ten minutes before it was due I was struggling with a title for the piece. My heart was racing…I was struggling to keep my children at bay just a little longer, and I was flustered and anxious and excited and alive.

It was an amazing writing experience and I look forward to doing it again.

ART. I definitely care. And I know others who do as well. Life is good.



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One Response to 24 hour script writing like a marathon

  1. mumslimo says:

    Keep on penning xx


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