24 in 24 version #2

Tomorrow I will begin my second challenge of 24 in 24. This time I will venture to write twenty-four short stories in twenty-four hours. This one scares me more than the 20 plus kilometers I plan to run pushing my two girls in tomorrow.

I have always wanted to write. Always hoped that I could be good at it. Of course my instinctual question of “who the hell cares?” always came up and so I stopped trying.

I remember back in my NYC days drinking a four pack of beer, sitting out on the balcony of my apartment in the ghetto of Jersey City and writing some pretty crass, perverted poetry. Some how I believed that the romantic mixture of cheap beer and dangerous surroundings would assist me in creating something worth sharing. I don’t know where any of that crap is anymore, and that’s probably for the best.

Fifteen years later, here I am trying to pick it back up with hopes of caring more than I did back then. If you asked me now I would have to admit that I pretty much wasted a perfect opportunity back then. Living so close to such a fantastic city, being graced with the friendship of other superbly gifted, creative souls, the atmosphere, a job that allowed me to share space with many well known movie and television stars….I just didn’t have the motivation. The drive. I think it all drained after I got my ass there. I just wanted to ride the wave after that. Dumb ass.

So here I am now; a mother of two who price matches the fliers, cleans shit off of many baby bums, and gets bullied around by three year olds. And some how I think I can find the inspiration to write. Well, we will find out tomorrow if I’ve got anything in here worth giving. Wish me luck. I promise to share at least a couple small things on here Sunday.



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2 Responses to 24 in 24 version #2

  1. SHEILA TALBOT says:

    Give it your all and God will be right beside you.


  2. Way to go Jenn! I can’t wait to read all 24 of them. Be vulnerable, be bold, be fearless. Be You 🙂
    You are inspiring… I hope you know that


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