Live Model

When I lived in NYC I was a nude model for a few painters. I loved that job. It felt like I was eating the popcorn Madonna claimed she was eating when she first moved to the city. I felt free, and admired and rebellious all in one. I think my friends all thought I was crazy…I think probably everyone did. But I refused to allow anyone to affect my journey.

Now I wish I had me to draw. I do when I take lots of selfies…but it’s not the same…

I remember taking a train to the far side of Jersey to a huge old warehouse made into artist lofts. I had one sitting on a lower level and then went upstairs to my second sitting…almost every Saturday. I learned so much sitting there always masked in confidence watching these eyes look over me, and complete these beautiful pieces.

Wish I knew how to share mine as they did back then.

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