Monday morning discovery

Perhaps I was being a bit of a glass-is-half-empty kind of gal the other night. The more I thought and researched about escapism the more it saddened and scared me.

I’m sure that most things we use as an escape today (not including the actual drugs) were initially created with alternative intentions. Just as a child is taught how to use escapism more and more often as adults hand her more pressures, problems and uncomfortable situations; so have all of us as a race learned to use it more often as we strive to create more advances in technology and accumulate more ‘stuff’ to protect and upkeep.

There are still many possibilities for in the moment joy though. Having children myself, most of my joy comes when I am truly present with them. When I am not, I am going over grocery lists, menus,planning activities, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my various writing projects I have on the go….and of course this normally leads to upset and frustration because they feel they’ve lost my attention, act out and I react and look for an escape.

Small moment of realization: neglect of the present moment results in need to escape.


Right. Well, now that I’ve solved that I can go back to my tea and the children colouring here with me, trying to get my attention.


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