Escape if you can!

So I’m working on an essay tonight about escapism and how it seems we all judge our lives on how successful we are at escaping the mundaneness of our humanity. What do you use to escape for your pain, boredom, lack of comfort? What brings you temporary joy? And are you successful at escaping? (that’s a rough question. I assume that if you actually suck at escaping, from the new assumptions I have come to conclude after writing this essay, that you are nearing the end of your life here on earth, or at least you feel that way).

This gift of life can actually feel like a bit of a torture fest if you don’t have enough creativity to find yourself an escape outlet. So if you are currently feeling sorry for yourself, feel like you’re in a sucky situation that you have no idea how to get out of….find your escape. There’s so many ways today to escape from our everyday life…just choose yours…and jump in! Don’t let things overwelm you. You have the strength and the imagination to make it all better.

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