Are you sharing your story?


In Stuart Spencer’s book; Playwright’s Guidebook he writes that each of us have many ‘ur-plays’ inside of us. “a story typically lost in the distance…deeply embedded in the subconscious…” For those of us who want to write, hopefully we get close to getting those stories down on paper whether it be a play, short story, novel, poem…When we have difficulties it’s normally due to us convoluting our ur-plays, letting our conscious minds get in the way of the true ur-play.

I think no matter what it is we do, that is true for us all.

We’ve each got a story planted inside of us that is there to be shared. Whether through an artistic outlet, sport, technical or mechanical skill… we all have that own personal truth within us. When we strive to do what others believe we should do, or what we need to do for the sake of (evil) money, or just because we are afraid to do anything else…well then we convolute our ur-play. All those people we see as being lost, or lazy…perhaps they have gotten in the way of their ur-play. Perhaps they’ve gotten so damn far away from it that they can no longer feel it deep down within themselves.

And for those of us suddenly doing something out of our norm? Spending our available hours exploring things that we are good at, looking for ways to get it out in a positive possibly expressive way…perhaps we are starting to finally write our ur-play. Finally let our conscious minds get the hell out of the way…so that we can share the story we were put on this earth to share.

Just a thought.

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