Creative struggles 1, 2, 3…

  1. We all have our visual ideas of the symbolic version of various items…the sun, a house, glasses, birds….it’s not until our minds get out of the way can our eyes really see.
  2. Today I took my girls to a anime self portrait class. I wanted to test out the waters, try a different genre just to see…The instructor offered a demonstration and then opened it up for us all to draw. My first attempt was in my “normal” style; a lot of lines, details, using a lot of cross-hatching. 2nd attempt had less detail and looked less like me, and the third looked even less like me and very flat on the page. I couldn’t seem to unsee every thing looking at me there in the mirror.
  3. I watched my five year old draw…the level of creativity in the youth is amazing. They can draw a digger within some colourful scribbles, or the wings of a fairy sprouting out of an oblong shaped head….They are happy to throw down the magical images they carry in their minds without judgement or fear. And then as we get older that creativity gets shaped for us through outside judgements, labels, suggestions…and all of sudden we are striving for realism for…ourselves?…or perhaps it is for approval from others.

I will continue to strive to create through my own eyes…what I see and feel, and put it out there with a hope of response from the viewer. I have decided to try to draw 24 portraits in a 24 hour period. I believe it will help me to find my voice/style when I no longer have time to “think” while creating but instead to let my mind get out of the way so my eyes can fully see.

Art. I care.


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