Committing to it even when it’s scary…

Day two of my blog. I am still trying to convince myself that it’s worth committing to…that I will get something out of this…and hopefully someone else will to?

I have all these ideas in my head that I would like to create. But every time I get out the good oil pastels, the lovely canvas or board and sit down to draw I freeze. On the other end I can draw a portrait of myself in 20 minutes using my kids’ worn crayola marker.

It’s the pressure I put on myself to make something beautiful every time I attempt to create. Isn’t that silly? If I can’t make it beautiful what’s the point of making it? Really?… The point is to practice, to enjoy the process (or so I’ve been told).

Art Who Cares.

I named my blog that because that’s what I wonder most days when I create something. Who the hell cares???? But I vow to fight against those feelings. To create because it’s who I am and therefore makes me feel most like myself.

Art. I care.


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